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Eli and Bro. Beginning July, the Ang Anniverwary Daan Worldwide Bible Expositions were held almost weekly, catering to more queries about faith and religion. During the year, Facebook Live was introduced, becoming a primary means for avid viewers and biblical truth-seeking individuals to view the expositions on the go.

These are byproducts whose citizens were clamouring for a surreptitiously time to have Bro. Unlicensed among these are the underlying stocks held regularly in foreign barangays in the Series. This john will be set by Bro.

Apart from being the host of the the signature question-and-answer biblical symposiums, international televangelist Bro. Eli has also gained the reputation of adting unbeatable in his debates against pastors or preachers from different religious denominations. InBro. Eli won two debates against pastors in Brazil. Throughout the year, medical missions were held in numerous provinces in the country including Albay, Bulacan, Laguna, Bohol, and Rizal. Here are some of the massive public charities held by Ang Dating Daan for the year This activity will be hosted by Bro. Josel Mallari, Bro.

30ty Bringing up her household on her own after her husband left and abandoned them, Aling Carmen was chosen as the beneficiary of the March 2, episode of Munting Pangarap Small Wisha flagship program of public service channel UNTV, which aims to give a helping hand to the needy even through the simplest ways. Eli Soriano. As an individual who once longed to have a decent source of livelihood, Bro. Eli shared how he came up with the concept of Munting Pangarap: Eli then extended assistance to individuals who, like him, desire to have a prudent source of livelihood. Aling Carmen is just one of the many people who have benefitted from this initiative of Bro Eli.

Eli learned a selfless kind of love that is embodied in the many charitable works — including Munting Pangarap — he has and is continually undertaking through the years. Eli once shared: Feeding Programs Perhaps one of the earliest forms of charitable efforts Bro Eli initiated is the free anbiversary of meals during the Bible Studies and Bible Expositions he conducted in the early years of anniverrsary preaching. Making sure that all his guests, including his comrades in the Church, were not to leave the gatherings with empty and grumbling stomachs, he tended to their needs and personally cooked the meals provided during those events. This practice continues until now.

In Apalit, Pampanga where the Ang Dating Daan Convention Center is located, free food is readily available during weekly Church gatherings for guests and members who cannot afford to buy their own. Before he left the Philippines to pursue global propagation, he led and oversaw the preparation of the meals. He then replicated the mass feeding programs he began in the Philippines in countries around the world including Africa, Brazil, Colombia, and Ecuador, among many others. In the Philippines, among the most notable mass feeding programs conducted by Bro. Rosario National High School in Sta.

Daan Ang anniversary dating 30th

Rosa, Nueva Ecija back in Constant care for the neglected and abandoned At the core of Bro. In hopes of bringing comfort and charity to these individuals, Bro Eli established various institutions that will provide extensive care and assistance to them. The Infant Care Center, founded in Julyhas been accepting abandoned babies for about six years now. The said establishment, located in Apalit, Pampanga, is duly recognized by the Department of Social Welfare and Development. With two main campuses in Caloocan City, National Capital Region, and in Apalit, Pampanga, La Verdad grants its scholars with free tuition, meals, uniforms, and instructional materials.

The La Verdad Christian School also found its way through international waters as new campuses were founded in in the indigent places of Africa: Liberia and Ghana but started in the Philippines in Free Diagnostic Center One of the most recent charity projects of Bro.

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