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Germany fights Facebook over real names policy

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We are the third biggest economy in the world. And you ask us about the availability of electricity? If we are developed enough to live in houses?

Read a book. Act like everybody loves Oktoberfest and Bayern Munich Apparently, most people think the annual Octoberfest is our cultural Super-Bowl. Luckily, her German boss came to her datting by telling the old man to stop yelling at her, informing him that if he ever said anything like that again, his coffee shop would cancel their contract with the delivery company. Dating one helps too. Having German friends is a good thing, but the bad part is that each time I get together with them, everyone still speaks English with me.

Germans seek nstwork. within their four walls. You casually and consistently tell your German friend: And so forth. In Germany, staring openly is something that just happens — like breathing, walking or developing a long and unnecessarily complex vocabulary see below. Staring back only creates a stand-off which no one can win, so the best counter-attack is to use the element of surprise: Urinate standing up This one is for men obviously and is based on a subtle cultural anomaly in Germany where men tend to pee sitting down. So in order to be ultra-annoying, you need only literally stand up for your male rights.

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Some historians have pointed to the German decision to advance along three axes: But the Wehrmacht had force enough to support three offensives, and its quick destruction of so many Soviet armies suggests that this was a reasonable Getman. The elimination of the Kiev pocket on September 26 baggedmen, more than 3, artillery pieces, and almost tanks. But it delayed the resumption of major operations against Moscow until early autumn. This, many historians argue, was a fatal blunder. Although some Germans might be happy to discuss their bowel-movements on holiday, this is nothing you should openly ask during a business meeting. And talking about salary or income in Germany is an absolute taboo.

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I might tell my friends, but never ask them. Even I am still tempted to quickly think and give a short but not too pessimistic status-report. Pointing out that it is a particular pleasure to talk to such an attractive lady, will give the woman you are addressing the idea that you are unprofessional, immature, afraid of women or just stupid.

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