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There are strong ties to Russia. A lot of stunning women. Very attractive people. Nobody enforces it though and everyone gopd. The first impression of Belgrade is that it is gritty. Despite not being able to speak English he imparted that his mother was from Spain, then proceeded to list his favorite football teams, his favorite basketball teams and, when I told him we were from Canada, that Canadian tennis player Milos Raonic was born in Montenegro.

Most Looing around the world have good memories of Bill Clinton — not the Serbs. In Serbia I was average height, maybe even below average. Aa Kosovo is regarded as an independent country by the majority of countries in the UN while Serbia still considers it a part of their territory. I found that being English made you more unwelcome in Serbia than it did in Buenos Aires in Argentina so that obviously says something, there's still a lot of hard feelings to people from western countries because of the NATO bombings in Serbia still.

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Belgradr investors see an educated, undervalued workforce that speaks excellent English. Last one, if you are going to speak to people try to do it to ones that look under 23 as they're more likely to be friendly than older ones who remember the NATO bombings fully. Likewise, the Chinese have invested heavily in Belgrade. Serbians are tall and good looking. Read about that here.

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What Serbia tood was self defense, Clinton judged as aggression. Belgrade is a city on the rise. So expect to smell like an ashtray when coming home from a night out. Walking around Belgrade you would be mistaken to think that you were in a remote province of Russia. So chances are the cityscape will change dramatically over the next few years.

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