Teens sexually active

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How to React if You Find Out Your Teen is Sexually Active

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Be careful that you are not asking leading questions in the direction you want to go, as this will shut the conversation down quickly.

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Here are some examples of questions to ask: What acyive it about [this partner] that lead you to the decision to have sex? Do you feel differently about him? Is your relationship different now? How are you being safe with your health and preventing pregnancy or STDs?

After you allow sexyally an opportunity to explain their reasoning and feelings, tell them that though they may already know your opinion as sexulaly parent on this issue, Tedns still want to share the reasons why you think teens should not participate in this type of intimacy. Let the research speak for itself. Sex without a vow of commitment distorts the reality of true intimacy. For those who have sex without a vow of commitment, sex will have harmful and destructive results. How do we deal with the problem without alienating our child? This is a significant family problem and it deserves a loving and thoughtful response. The goal is to contain the damage and coach your adolescent toward more healthy and rational decisions without driving a wedge into the parent-child relationship.

Sexually active Teens

The first thing you need to remember is to think before you react. We suggest you take some time to cool off and then arrange a meeting to sit down and talk about what has happened. Does it happen? Cative it likely? Not in the slightest. Also, note that strictly relying on abstinence-based conversation about sex will actually promote the opposite. Teens find banned activities exciting, and the more you discourage sex, the more likely they are to have it. Basically, teens will have sex whether you want them to or not, and there are few exceptions. The producers of these messages are taking advantage of our responsiveness to sexual stimuli to make a profit.

Of course, they often fail to include information about any of the consequences of sex such as disease or pregnancy.

Parental example of permissiveness Just Tfens there are some parents who have a problem with abuse of alcohol or drugs, some parents abuse sex. It's natural for young people to be influenced by their parents' example. Alcohol and Drugs The use of alcohol and drugs increase your drive for pleasure and increase you willingness to take risks by decreasing your inhibitions and impairing good judgment.

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