Top 20 spices every kitchen needs updating

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Spices: List of 102 Culinary Spices for Your Kitchen

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Some are good for only two or three. And the reality is that nine times out of ten, I reach for the same few spices and use them over and over. Those are updatibg spices I curated into the Epi Essential Eight, a collection of spices that make up a complete, streamlined spice rack, good for beginners and recovering addicts alike. Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt You know you need salt and you're seasoning every step of the wayright? If I had to pick just one out of the three kinds of salt we keep in Epi's test kitchen, it'd be Diamond Crystal kosher. It's cheap, has a clean salinity, has a nice texture between your fingers, and provides good crunch for finishing dishes.

Whole Black Tellicherry Peppercorns Black pepper is another no-brainer, but not just any pepper will do. Oatsseedsbeanslegumesvegetables including sea veggies ie seaweed.

Updating spices Top needs every 20 kitchen

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Just a joke Matt, but really man what isgandarli said. While originally used in Asia, Africa and the Middle East, cloves are now used on every continent to enhance dishes from curries to desserts. Ground cloves blend particularly well with other warm spices like cinnamon and nutmeg. They may be used to flavor beverages such as wine and chocolate, and they are popular during the holiday season for breads and pastries. Whole Clove Cloves are the dried buds of trees that grow in Indonesia. Cloves were developed as a spice in Asia and the Middle East, but their popularity has expanded to Europe and the Americas. Whole cloves are most often used to stud meats and fruits to add flavor during cooking.

They pair particularly well with ham, apples and pears, lending a distinctive sweet taste. Colombo Powder Colombo powder was originally developed in India, but it is now used most extensively in the West Indies. It is a combination of spices in the same vein as curry powder, but it contains roasted rice as its characteristic ingredient. Roasted rice gives Colombo powder a nutty flavor, although it has the same dull yellow color as curry powder. It can be used to flavor savory dishes made with meats and vegetables. Coriander Coriander is the seed of the cilantro plant. It grows naturally in a geographical band that runs from Asia through southern Europe and northern Africa.

It has a citrus flavor, most like that of oranges, and may be found in whole or powdered form. Indian cuisine uses coriander for traditional dishes such as garam masala. Other cultures use the spice for flavoring sausage and pickling. The citrus flavor of coriander has recently made it a popular additive for some styles of beer.

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Cubeb The berries from a pepper plant native to Indonesia are used as the spice called cubeb. The dried berries resemble peppercorns both in appearance and taste, but they also have a bit of the flavor of allspice. Cubeb is used primarily to flavor meat dishes and may also be used as a marinade. It is not yet in common use in the West, but the cook who finds a supply may want to begin with using the spice as a substitute for pepper and go from there. Curry Powder Curry powder is usually associated with Asian cooking. It is a mix of several ingredients, and the mix is not standard. Different countries, and even different cooks, will have their own blend of a half-dozen spices that are ground together into a curry powder.

Most curry blends contain chili pepper for a bit of bite. Curry powder adds a characteristic flavor, aroma and color to chicken, rice and vegetable dishes. Hot Curry Powder Adding extra red pepper and ginger to traditional curry powder yields the variety known as hot curry powder. This spicy blend is typical of the cuisine of Southern India. Hot curry powder can be used in any recipe that calls for curry powder when a bit of extra fire is desired. It is an excellent addition to meat dishes, vegetables and curries.

Korma Curry Powder Korma curry powder is a spice blend that is specifically made to use in Top 20 spices every kitchen needs updating dish called Korma Chicken. The ingredients may vary, but they usually include red peppers, ginger, onion and turmeric, along with perhaps as many as a dozen other herbs and spices. Korma curry powder is often blended with yogurt or coconut and used as a marinade for the chicken used in Korma Chicken. It can also be evsry to make a gravy or sauce to be poured over the dish before serving. It shares a deep yellow hue with common curry powder, but the addition of extra red nneeds gives it a noticeably hotter tang.

Madras curry powder updsting be used in any recipe that spicces for curry, but the diners must be ready for the extra heat. It enhances meat dishes, curries and vegetables. Cumin Cumin may be used as either whole seeds or powder. The seeds are harvested from the flowers of a plant that is found from India to the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. India is the largest consumer of cumin by far, although most other cultures also enjoy the color and warmth it brings to cooking. Cumin is often used as an ingredient in chili powder and curry powder. It is quite versatile, adding flavor spicss dishes from stews to pastries.

Dill Dill is a lacy plant that is native to Europe and Asia. The leafy portions can be upeating fresh or dried, and the seeds are sold in dry form. Dill is widely used in many cultures. It famously flavors pickles, can be sprinkled over bread dough, To; and salads, and can be used to flavor butter for potatoes, corn and other vegetables. Many appetizer dips have dill added for an extra bit of zing. Dukkah Dukkah, also sometimes spelled duqqa, is a seasoning blend that hails from Egypt. It consists kitchwn herbs, spices and nuts, although the kitvhen ingredients vary widely from one preparation to pudating. Dukkah has a very coarse texture, and it can be used as a coating for grilled meats or a topping for salads.

It may also be combined with oil to make a paste for dipping pita or other breads. Fennel The roots, leaves and seeds of the fennel plant can all be used in cooking. This generous plant is indigenous to the Mediterranean area. It has a flavor that is similar to the licorice taste of anise but is not as powerful. The fennel bulb is cooked as a vegetable, like an onion, although the flavor is quite different. The leafy parts of the plant may be eaten as a side dish, used to flavor egg dishes, or used as a garnish. The seeds of the fennel plant are particularly popular in Indian and Middle Eastern cooking, where they are used in both sweet and savory dishes.

Fenugreek Seed Fenugreek is native to the Near East, but is now widely grown. The seeds are often used in Indian cookery and have a sweet taste. Fenugreek seeds may be used to flavor vegetables, and in many cultures are combined with other herbs and spices to produce mixes and pastes to flavor everything from relish to bread. Five-Spice Powder Five-spice powder, sometimes called Chinese five-spice powder, is a blend of spices used in Asian and Middle Eastern cooking. There is not a standard recipe, but the blend often contains star anise, cinnamon, cloves, hot pepper and fennel.

Five-spice powder is most often used to flavor meats as a rub, or it may be used as an ingredient in breading or stuffing. Four Color Peppercorns Black, white, pink and green peppercorns are blended to create this unique spice. It gives a depth and complexity of flavor that goes beyond the commonly used black pepper. Four color peppercorns also add a bit of color to any dish in which they are used. This blend can be substituted in any recipe that calls for pepper, or it can be used to fill the tabletop shaker. Frankincense Frankincense is a resin that is exuded from trees found in Africa and the Middle East.

Although some forms are edible, it is not usually used in cooking. Frankincense is most often used for its aromatic properties in perfumes, skin care products and aromatherapy oils. Some cultures take it internally as a traditional medicine. Galangal Galangal is a cousin of ginger, native to Indonesia. It may be purchased as a rhizome, which looks similar to ginger root, or in powdered form. Although it resembles ginger, the taste of galangal is quite different. It has a distinctive pepper flavor and is often paired with meat and fish. Thai cuisine uses galangal as an element of the curry paste that is used to flavor various main dishes.

Garam Masala Garam masala is a warm blend of spices that originated in India and Asia. The specific spices used in the blend vary by region and by cook, but it usually includes cumin, pepper, cardamom and cinnamon, along with perhaps a half-dozen other ingredients. Garam masala may be used powdered or combined with liquids into a paste. It is most often used to flavor meat dishes. The plant is a native of Asia, but its popular bulb has found its way into the dishes of almost every continent. Garlic has a characteristic pungent taste and can be eaten raw, sauteed, roasted or baked.

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