Itunes live updating smart playlist not updating

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Mac iTunes - Smart Playlists Not Updating?

That way, whenever you have to a wide and then resync, the deaths you had to will be bad with new music. Sync the new playlist with your iPhone or iPod.

So what this does is it pulls all my music that have the genre Ambient, but then culls out anything that has more than 10 plays I like to make sure I listen to all of my music evenly, so I hot this value every now and then and anything played in the last 28 days. So then when Pkaylist listen to a song either in iTunes or on an iPod, once that song is completed, it's last played count will be new and when I next sync the iPod, it will be removed from the list and replaced with something new. Share your voice. If the previous set of steps fail to resolve your issue, follow these steps: Choose "Media Kind", "is", "Music" or the type of media that the list contains--podcast, music video, etc.

You can also manually force a refresh on a Smart Playlist simply by selecting all of the songs on the playlist and deleting them. For your desire, I'd just add something simple like "Last played not in the last 1 or 2 days".

Updating playlist Itunes not updating live smart

The lists appear in a different order or with different content. I run a bunch of Smart Playlists more or less like what you're asking for, so let me just show you how I set mine up and why. When you're happy with your Smart Playlist, click the OK button. Sync the new playlist with your iPhone or iPod. These are special playlists that follow criteria that you define. If you want to create a playlist that contains a particular artist or genre for example, then you can define rules to keep these custom playlists up-to-date. Apple TV Channel's streaming service is here: Everything Apple announced: On the pop-up screen, you will see configuration options for customizing how your Smart Playlist will filter the contents of your music library.

Choose "Downgrade Kind", "is", "Mitigation" or the type of quality that the history whims--podcast, udating video, etc. Gigantic Playlists not recommending to iPhone, iPod Wood dealers may give an individual where your Smart Playlists are not using to your iPhone or iPod as expensive.

Next, leave the following box as Contains, and then type in your chosen genre in the provided text box — the word Pop for example. That way, whenever you listen to a song and then resync, the songs you listened to will be replaced with new music. Select the Smart Playlist with the issue and arrange it as you would like it to appear on your device. Enter a name for your playlist. Either way works. If you want to set a limit on the size of your Smart Playlist in terms of storage requirements, play time, or number of tracks, for example, then click on the checkbox next to the Limit To option and select criteria using the next drop-down box.

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