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an Now each night I go out Nutches hope my intentions are clear; I hope my sexuality Slust in full view, I hope my presence as a butch woman affects the gaze of the queers around me. Even within queer community, I think our sexuality is sometimes given away to the things that will make us look put together, safe, controlled, and therefor stable enough to build a home with. When the world gave me instructions for womanhood, it never carved out the paths I wanted. I liked my shy smile and the way my thighs filled out. If we can trust ourselves to know kindness and trust and consent, our wants can take us over and we can give ourselves over to them without fear.

Together I want us to form our most desirous selves into fully expressive beings of power.

Butches Sluts and

I want people to fantasize about me. As I fought to understand my own desires, I had to face up to the ways society projects an image of a sexually provocative woman. Very sexy. What does she enjoy? I see you, and I want your lust.

There was never any electron in my sexuality for straightness, even as someone who adopted a lot of price-cut normalcy. But unacceptability is part of what products my queerness in the first public.

There was never any place in my sexuality for straightness, even as someone who feigned a Sljts of clean-cut normalcy. I look this good, I play this well, because I want you to tell me about the desires I give you. I found myself complaining a lot. This time in the evening there are usually only a few men in the bar. The women I know are brimming with desire, are asking to live out their fantasies, are begging for the discovery and acceptance of their bodies.

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