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How to Collect Van Briggle Pottery

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Van Briggle Pottery from briggpe Van Briggle Pottery produced between and early was typically clearly dated. Marks typically seen on pottery from this time period usually include the logo, Van Dxting, date, shape number and a Roman numeral. Typical Roman numeral marks for Van Briggle include: III for and examples; and V for examples. Often times the bottom of the piece is also completely glazed but not always. The era pieces will often times have the company name and logo along with finishers numbers on each side of the AA logo and a 3 digit shape number on the base.

Van briggle Dating

Sometimes there is a white wash on the bottom of these pieces. Often time the bottom is heavily ground on pieces from this era. Many pieces were dated in the teens era from scarce,to Left VB during the '90's, and came back. Mark Sucharski used 3 marks. Mark Sucharski's current artist mark is AMS. Schlegel Ambrose Schlegel - Master Potter from - See also "a. Ambrose Schlegel - Master Potter from - See also "A. Use clay and glaze types and style to properly determine date. Becky Hansen - Known to have thrown originals in Bill Sidenberg - Threw originals in the 's and 80's.

CH Clement Hull - See above. See above.

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beiggle Also used on some pieces at Hull Santa Fe Pottery from until Not to be confused with numbers used in the 40's's timeframe which are batch numbers, briggls shape number was used then either. Most have just the VB logo, and the date. A few will have a design numbers. Combinations of block and script lettering, Finisher initials and batch numbers appear. Handthrown pieces will most often have throwers initial or initials, and original. Ink marks are for individuals who glaze the pieces. Artus produced a few pieces datedmost of which were while we was living at Chico Basin Ranch.

A few were given by Artus to his closest friends. Robert Wyman Newton has drawn a picture from photo of one of these earliest pieces. The handwriting was definitely that of Artus Van Briggle. Nevada Ave. Vase was sprayed with Brown Glaze; with an over spray of Green added; inside is Clear Glaze, and Green over Spray visible around the inside rim. No Design numbers were yet inscribed.

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