How to be less insecure in relationships

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5 Tactics I Use To Cope With Relationship Insecurity

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A recent survey found that 60 percent of women experience hurtful, self-critical thoughts on a weekly basis. In their research, father-and-daughter psychologists Dr. What they found is that the most common self-critical thought people have toward themselves is that they are different — not in a positive sense, but in some negative, alienating way. But after awhile it got easier, and it became habit. Journaling gives us the benefit of perspective, it allows us to physically see our thoughts, which then makes it easier to process them and confront them with other, more empowering thoughts and beliefs.

Our insecurities can eat away at us, especially if we internalize them and keep them bottled up. Authentic, dependable friends are extremely hard to come by, so if you have someone who actually listens to you, and offers genuine guidance, hold the fuck on to them. My roommate, who also happens to be one of my best friends, has been with me through two nasty break-ups now — poor guy. But during these relationships, whenever I was having an insecure moment, I would confide in him about it and would immediately feel better after our conversations. Value them by showing how you care and why they matter to you. People who give love and who are loved in return never fall victim to the damning gloom of insecurity.

Love yourself. Last but not the least, always love yourself. Even if you are in a romantic relationship where you are expected to give love, never forget to leave some for yourself. Remember to never let the good things pass you by just because you have failed to appreciate your own worth. The feeling of insecurities and the negativities that come with it are common relationship killers. The extreme form of this 'sloppy comparison' can lead to destructive over-generalizations such as, "All men are lying bastards! Write next to this list all the ways your current partner is different and review this list regularly. This will help you to stop assuming that the future has to be like the past.

Seek self-assurance Rather than always looking to the other person to make you feel secure in your relationship, get into the habit of reassuring yourself. Start to challenge your own fears and imaginings rather than just accepting them.

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Ask yourself: What real evidence is there for this fear? And even if iinsecure relationship did end, I'm strong enough to go through it and ride it and will have learnt things from it. What we fear will be 'the end of the world' if it happens never really is. Sit down, close your eyes, and strongly imagine feeling relaxed and secure around your partner.

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This will train your brain to feel that "whatever happens, I'll be okay. And finally Insecure people look for signs of what's not working. I want you to look for signs of what is. However, sometimes when the relationship begins to become insecurity-ridden, things begin to slightly change. Underneath it all, you want him or her to have their most successful times with you, and because of you. The mindset is that if their partner is doing better, they are better. Ultimately, in an insecure relationship, you can bringing them down instead of boasting them up.

And yes, this if for a good reason. Part of being in a healthy relationship means having the ability to talk to each other about anything under the sun. We mean it. Periods, exes, that unsettling dream you keep having that you're too grossed out to tell anyone about. Nowhere can this be truer than on social media. Beach babes with their rock-hard abs, flawless skin and enviable social lives abound, leaving the rest of us mere mortals wondering what the hell are lives are.

Talk about your feelings with a friend Nobody likes to feel alone, and why should you when you have a group of amazing friends to talk through your feelings with? Lauren Consul, licensed marriage and family therapist in California and the co-founder of GreatFullDayssuggests you question why you're uncomfortable with your partner's phone usage. Giphy As someone who has personally compared herself to her partner's ex's body, it can for sure make your mind go overboard with jealousy and insecurities. You need to remember, though, that your partner is with you because they're attracted to you.

Comparing yourself to their past romantic interests serves you no good because you're who they want now. Ashenfelter offers some advice on how to deal with this issue.

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