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Anandapala flees to Kashmirfort in the Midde on the western border of Kashmir. Sewakpal rebels and is defeated. A historical narrative states in this battle, under the onslaught of the GakharsMahmud's army was about to retreat when King Anandapala 's elephant took flight and turned the tide of the battle. Ghor; against Amir Suri Multan revolts.

Abul Fatah Dawood is imprisoned for life at Ghazni. Invades Gharchistan and deposes its ruler Abu Nasr Muhammad. Demands and receives remainder of the province of Khorasan from the Abassid Caliph. Then demands Samarkand as well but is ghaznj. Defeats Trilochanpala. Kafiristan is attacked Mahmud's army sacks Lahore, but his expedition to Kashmir fails, due to inclement weather. Wimen his sister to Abul Abbas Mamun of Khwarezm, who dies in the same year in a rebellion. Moves to quell the rebellion and installs a new ruler and annexes a portion. Kannauj, Meerutand Muhavun on the YamunaMathura and various other regions along the route.

While moving through Kashmir he levies troops from vassal Prince for his onward march; Kannauj and Meerut submit without battle. Sacks the town of Mathura. Raises Ayaz to kingship, awarding him the throne of Lahore Kalinjar attacks Kannauj: No battle, the opponents leave their baggage trains and withdraw from the field. Also fails to take the fort of Lokote again. Takes Lahore on his return. Trilochanpala flees to Ajmer.

First Muslim governors appointed east of the Indus River. He forces Kalinjar and Gwalior to woken and pay tribute: Official annexation of Punjab by Ghazni. Also fails to take the Lohara fort on the western border of Kashmir for the second time. AjmerNehrwala, Kathiawar: This raid is his last major campaign.

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The concentration of wealth at Somnath was renowned, and consequently it became an attractive target for Mahmud, as it had previously deterred most invaders. The temple and citadel are sacked, and most of its defenders massacred. Mahmud sacks the temple and is reported to have personally hammered the temple's gilded Lingam to pieces, and the stone fragments are carted back to Ghazni, where they are incorporated into the steps of the city's new Jama Masjid Friday Mosque in He places a new king on the throne in Gujarat as a tributary.

His return detours across the Thar Desert to avoid the armies of Ajmer and other allies on his return. Marches against the Jats of the Jood mountains who harry his army on its return from the sack of Somnath. ReyIsfahanHamadan from the Buyids Dynasty. Merv, Nishapur are lost to Seljuq dynasty Attitude on religion and jihad[ edit ] Coins of Mahmud with the Islamic declaration of faith. Obverse legend with the name of the caliph al-Qadir bi-llah in the fifth line. Reverse legend: In the culturally conservative country, women serving in the security forces say they face systemic sexual coercion and even rape by male colleagues.

The image of Afghan women wearing police and army uniforms is meant to inspire pride and hope for a future where the rights of women will be protected in Afghanistan. So why would female police officers in the northern city of Mazar-e-Sharif be ashamed to admit they wear the badge? The woman, who asked not to give her name, says she tells most of her family that she works with a foreign aid organization. That's because the rumors about sexual abuse in Mazar-e-Sharif's police force are so widespread that many of these women are ashamed to say they're cops.

Afghan female police officers march at the Police Training Center on the outskirts of Herat province in western Afghanistan on Dec. In northern Afghanistan alone, about women are serving in the police force. But in a culture that is not fully comfortable with women working outside the home, these women face significant risks. An NPR investigation in the city discovered disturbing allegations of systematic sexual coercion and even rape of female police officers by their male colleagues.

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The women at the recent training session at a huge base outside Mazar-e-Sharif hardly looked like victims as they assembled and loaded assault rifles. But none dared to give their names as they alluded to what is an open secret in the city. Most of the female police have many children, and most are poor. The threat of job loss is a powerful one. None of the policewomen on the training course — which consisted of a mix of men and women — would admit to being victims of sexual coercion. Shocking Stories Of Rape But privately, several told of terrifying experiences. The women agreed to speak on the condition that their names be withheld, and the only place they felt safe enough to talk with a reporter was in a car moving around the city.

Women in the police are being used for sex and as prostitutes," said Ann — not her real name — who is in her mids. Male cops ask for sex openly because they think women join the police just to work as prostitutes," she said. Anywhere you ask for a job in the police force, they either ask you to give yourself or bring them girls. Afghan woman who has served as a police officer for almost 10 years In Afghanistan, even in modern cities like Mazar-e-Sharif or Kabul, the capital, a wide array of supposedly "immoral" conduct can get a woman called a prostitute. Anything from wearing the wrong clothes to sitting in the front seat of a car, or simply working outside the home can cause dangerous rumors.

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